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☆ 7/8/21: 3:39 AM ☆

craving margarita so badly this is insane, ive never gotten drunk off of alcohol like i did a few weeks ago n it kinda felt. . . good? my whole body was heated, mainly my head it felt so flushed lol i want to feel like that again

☆ 7/8/21: 3:39 AM ☆

edit: i washed my hair n face with rice water n egg yolk n did the rest of my skincare stuff n my skin is so so so so so so soft i cant stop rubbing my face lol, on a positive note(my nose feels like actual silk), also i am very happy with my tumblr n pinterest, they r so cool looking ^__^

i have been watching many disturbing french films n taking notes on them i could totally do this for the rest of my days

i think they have french class at the new school im going to this year, my mom is vv adamant that i take it bc 1: i need one more foreign lang credit bc i passed latin class last year(i need 2 in total) 2: my mom thought it was cute that i planned my whole life out in france when i was a child. i was either gona b some ballerina or artist but thats so cringe. I DO WANA DO BALLET AGAIN! im not throwing 11 years of dance down the drain lol

☆ 7/8/21 ☆

it makes me so sad that i allow ppl to use me for their own needs. i only mean smth the moment things go backwards in their life, i can give them all the luv n comfort in the world but it’ll never b enough :( n when they get themself back on track i am left behind until everything goes to hell again. how do i let these ppl manipulate me into staying i am so naive n idiotic. i am not ur personal helping tool that u can use n use n use everytime u feel sad i cant take this anymore

☆ 7/6/21 ☆

i would give anything to b held to sleep rn *__* wana feel safe n warm. . .hopefully i can make them feel safe n warm too ^__^ wana luv on a person so badly !!!

☆ 4/19/21 ☆

rlly frustrated how my parents treat me compared to my sister. she's almost 20 and they still treat her like a helpless baby. why is a 20 year old allowed to tell on mi because of stupid sister drama?? why do i get punished but when i tell on her when she bullies mi they say im being dramatic?? its always been this way why do they think i have so much built up hatred for my older sister, shes not 12 years old anymore. no wonder she cant function on her own u let her be the baby of the family even though im supposed to be the baby :(( my grandma wants me to talk to her bsf bc shes been through the same thing with her older siblings :/ dont liek that it has to b like this in the first place.

☆ 4/18/21 ☆

**** is asleep,,,we finally got the sleeb call ive been wanting for awhile lolol (ノ_<。)ヾ(´ ▽ ` ) he is snoring so loud its rlly cute as odd as that sounds, i liek knowing hes resting peacefully :3

i am rlly rlly rlly in luv with this boy

gn neocities! :3

☆ 4/9/21 ☆

rlly want a pinapple soda rn :/ im living off of sugar gum and soup i rlly want a sugary drink wahhh X_x

anyway i get to MAYBE have a sleep call with this boy i rlly rlly like tonight n i can't wait!! ^^ i rlly miss his voice even though we called last night lolol

☆ 4/8/21 ☆

been listening to this person a lot lately! ♬♪♫ their music is so dreamy n i am so happy i discovered it! i do miss their old songs that they got rid of on their bandcamp but their newest one is so (☆▽☆)!!

please give their stuff a listen ^^;; !


☆ 4/5/21 ☆

i don't know what to put here but,,, first entry !! yay !! what do ppl write on these things anyway ? lol n_n

my name is rose/rosie! u can refer to me as whatevr, i am not picky with those things (ノ_<、),,, i dont have much to put here tbh,, i rlly am not the best at writing out my thoughts n stuff abt me ^^;;

alr alr, today is going vv good tbh, wednesdays r always so easy school wise bc we get half the day off. i'm still not really doing my work,,don't have the drive to do it ig!! :/ sucks!! i dont wanna fail this year!! but, when i get home im gona see if i can get sushi n a pinapple soda yummmmy 。+゚.。+。(´ω`*)♪♪